Disney.Pixar Animation.

Female Super Heroes: Disney . Pixar
Director Mbiya Kabengele

Writers: Spike Lee and Chris Rock
Narrator: Morgan Freeman
Music: Erykah Badu 'Female Super Heroes' original
Music: Tom Cruise ' They are detestable' original
music: Jill Scott feat. Jay Z 'Wonder Woman' new vers. to the 70's

Mia Farrow -Ingrid Curt
Woopi Goldberg - Nolly Puppy
Pam Grier - Savoy Tampner
Oprah Winfrey - Veluska Skar
Jessica Alba - Vicky Stars
Yoko Ono - Akane Taka
Keke Palmer - Laura
Terry Crews - Mazay Vernon
Alec Baldwin - Paul Dallas
Chris Rock - Bobby Sleep
Ben Stiller - Tisak
Tom Cruise - Frank Mackoy

Mbiya Kabengele and Sandra Izsadore on GREEDY RULES animated sample


SANDRA IZSADORE is a singer composer who during the early 1970’s met and revitalized Africa’s revolutionary genius FELA ANIKULAPO-KUTI. Upon meeting Sandra, Fela’s musical and political ideas changed radically, thus Afro-Beat was born. Sandra is the only featured vocalist on Fela’s music. The song Upside Down, which was a hit in 1977, up to today is considered a classic of Afro-Beat music. It is through her single-handed influence as a midwife for this genre. Sandra Izsadore is called The Mother of Afro-Beat. Sandra Izsadore is immortalized in Fela’s own Biography Fela Fela This Bitch of a Life written by Carlos Moore in 1982, one chapter is dedicated to her.


Mbiya Kabengele and Dr. Carlos Moore on human evolution, hominid sketches directed by Dr. Carlos Moore.
An ethnologist and political scientist with two doctorates from the prestigious University of Paris-7, France, CARLOS MOORE was banished for three decades from his native Cuba as a result of his opposition to the racial policies of the Castro regime. Fluent in five languages, he lived and worked in many lands throughout his 34-year exile, and traveled extensively on ethnological research projects in South-east Asia, Africa and the South Pacific. His political and professional career began in 1962 when, aged nineteen, he was recruited into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a translator in the Asian Division.